The Insatiable Palate Review #1: Yuraku (Germantown, Maryland)

My friends and I drove from Columbia, MD in rush hour traffic just to have a taste of Germantown’s finest. I have a strong partiality for Yuraku over Sushi Sono because the overall value of Yuraku is far superior to that of SS.

Reasons to Consider Yuraku (Germantown, MD) > Sushi Sono (Columbia, MD)

  1. Price: Yuraku definitely blows Sushi Sono out of the water in this category. Face it. Good sushi will be expensive no matter where you go. Sadly, Sushi Sono’s somewhat exploits non-Japanese sushi lovers by overpricing the hell out of American favorites (Spicy Tuna, Fresh Salmon, Tempura Roll). Yuraku definitely caters to both older traditional Asian elders and younger, trendy foodies (at an affordable rate, of course).
    If you ever decide to embark on a Raw Fish Diet: Spicy Korean Skate.
  2. Quality: Sushi Sono somewhat has an edge in this category. However, the difference is so negligible that it’s even hard to tell which sushi from which restaurant tastes better (unless you’re a Japanese God like Masaharu Morimoto or Jiro Ono).
  3. Portion: Yuraku, again, wins in terms of quantity. My party of 4 invested $80 on a “CHEF’S SPECIAL SUSHI DELUXE ” and left the restaurant in excruciating “Food Baby” pain. It was delightful. Unfortunately, no Sushi Sono boat will conjure memories of delightful pain. You’ll need some Advil after staring at the hole in your wallet.
                       The Glorious, Mouthwatering Special from Yuraku

How to Get VIP Access at Yuraku:
Yuraku takes reservations, but if you’re a walk-in, expect a 30 minute wait…..unless you speak Korean?!
Why yes. I weaseled our group a table by telling the host that our family had to attend a high school graduation (In fluent Korean, please). 30 Minutes. 5 Minute wait.

Salmon Head: Pure Salty Goodness

Expect Better Service/Food if you order the Chef Special
It’s true. The group of 4 next to us spent 20 minutes watching us devour our salmon, sesame salad, Raw Spicy Korean Skate fish, and glorious boat, while they were left, chewing on their bits of edamame. The price-portion value is definitely better and you’ll leave with boxes of leftover sushi. It’s that good.


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  1. favourite! 🙂

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