The Insatiable Palate Review #2: Tutti Frutti (Columbia, Maryland)

The crowd in Columbia marks a promising outlook for months ahead.

Although I was never a frozen yogurt fanatic like some of my classmates, I immediately struck a strong first impression with the Tutti Frutti in Columbia. TF Columbia’s older sibling in the Elicott City area should definitely be paying attention this summer.

  1. Location: First of all, the frozen yogurt shop is conveniently located near Chipotle Mexican Grill & the BGR: The Burger Joint which makes it even more tempting to go out. Why yes, you can argue that the Elicott City location boasts a Honey Pig next door, but it’s almost impossible to devour Korean BBQ every single day, let alone have the money to afford such gastronomical expenses.
  2. Atmosphere: Secondly, the ambience in the Columbia location is far more welcoming than Elicott City’s. The space is definitely tighter than TF-EC, but outdoor seating definitely makes amends for such concerns. TF-EC is conveniently located around an area that resembles a sketchy alleyway at night. No bueno.

    The Tutti Frutti Insignia

  3. Taste: Honestly, I could hardly tell the difference between different types of yogurt, but one of my good friends who is employed under the Tutti Frutti franchise believes that the yogurt at the Columbia location is consistently thick and creamy whereas the froyo mix at TF-EC is somewhat watered down and icy.

Tutti Frutti Tips and Guidelines:
1. Be decisive before selecting your choice of Froyo:

No one likes to be stuck in an unnecessary line on a Friday night, waiting for the annoying mother with eight annoying kids to make her decision. YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY, but don’t get crazy.

2. Go on Sunday nights:
If you expect Tutti Frutti to be empty on Friday and Saturday nights, GTFO.
Weekdays and Sunday nights are fairly accommodating at this time of the year. Howard County high school students leave for summer vacation on June 22nd. Use your remaining time very wisely.

3. Insert spoon into the cup AFTER you’ve paid:
You’re essentially paying around 42 cents per ounce. Don’t tag on extra weight, silly! If you’re going to be generous, leave tip, instead!

4. Bring your own toppings:
Just kidding. Please DON’T DO THAT.

At around $4, I got my hands on a generous amount of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. I stick with Tutti Frutti Original & Vanilla with Toppings: Strawberry, Oreos, White Chocolate, and M&M’s, but my comrade at TF recommends Red Velvet with a topping of Brownies.

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt may be another fad, but it’s hitting all the right notes in terms of practicality and simplicity.


2 responses to “The Insatiable Palate Review #2: Tutti Frutti (Columbia, Maryland)

  1. Over here in Cali, all of the froyo places are mindful of not purposely adding extra cost with the spoons. And I’ve heard that Yogurtland subtracts the weight of the cup, but I’m not sure if that’s 100% true. Still, can’t beat 30 cents an ounce 🙂

    • Most definitely! The Frozen Yogurt battle is very competitive in the Los Angeles area. We definitely need more restaurants and froyo shops in Maryland!

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