My Top Chef Moment #2: Kim Jong-Il’s Insatiable Appetite, Desire For Rabbits, EXPOSED

The Bigger, The Better

After the Kim Jong Il was reported deceased on Saturday evening, Bon Appétit found it appropriate to reveal the head honcho’s gourmet dining style. I’d like to remind the readers that around 37% of North Korean children are chronically malnourished. It’s absolutely sad.

Gettin’ Slizzard

El Supremo’s Dining Demands: Keep Thirsty Thursdays Alive.

  • His Hennessy (approximately $720,000 per years worth, making him the world’s largest buyer of the cognac in the 1990’s)
  • Mugwort-filled rice cakes and fresh fish from Japan
  • Eating Sushi off the live fish imported from Japan
  • Fresh pizza from an Italian chef (OF COURSE)
  • Beer from the Breweries of Czech Republic
  • Caviar from Iran and Uzbekistan
  • Pork from Denmark

Oh nom nom nom

North Korean Officials once visited a German giant rabbit farmer asking if he could help ease the famine by providing his giant rabbits. “Rabbits breed fast and giant rabbits, at upwards of 20 pounds each, have a good amount of nutritious meat.” Why certainly!

The farmer accepts the offer, not realizing that the rabbits were actually going to be eaten by the The Il and his guests.
The farmer is not happy. No more giant rabbits for The Il.

By the way, for those of you who’re sending me condolence messages over Facebook about the death of Kim Jong-Il, WHY?

Just stay tuned for [The Insatiable Palate Review #11: Crif Dogs (East Village, New York)] at the end of the week. Stay hungry!


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