The Insatiable Palate Review #11: Crif Dogs (East Village, New York) (St. Marks)

 My First Sacrilegious Sausagefest, Deep-fried Edition

I’ve been informed that my blog has gotten a little “oriental” lately. Useless details about Japanese Ramen and Korean food terminologies that my readers could not really give a shit about.
“Just show me some fucking pictures, already!” Well then, your cravings will now be satisfied. Jerks.

I discovered Crif Dogs after the episode of The Layover. Last time I went, it had managed to fend off the Time Square crowd. Thank the lord it didn’t turn into a horrifying tourist attraction like Pink’s. Still great for college boys and girls with munchies and drunchies!

Consuming Dogs: The Actual Cause of Kim Jong-Il’s Death

Taste: These babies are a must have during late-nights. They taste awfully delicious. Based on my sampling, I must say my absolute favorite is the Jon-Jon Deragon.  A spread of cream cheese with scallions and bagel seeds. This whole Jewish themed plate desecrated by a hot, deep-fried wiener? Kind of a turn-on.

 The Morning Jersey (more like Dirty Jersey)

Price/Portion: They definitely know how to keep a crowd happy. All the Crif Dogs are around five bucks and the size portions of the tater tots are huge!  It’s like Five Guys servings of french fries, but even bigger and sexier. Please feel free to drench your fried tots in processed American cheese.

Gettin’ wet from the Tsunami

Word of Advice: If you’re looking for short lines and dinnertime, definitely stop by around 6PM. Do not be overwhelmed when you see a flood of locals crowding inside this hot dog joint. Those people are the very hopefuls trying to get into PDT (I’ll explain when I turn 21). The place used to allow BYOB, but I’ve heard that they stopped this and started serving Pabst Blue Ribbon. So hipster, Crif Dogs.

A terrible nightmare for your arteries, but an absolute delight for your starving belly.


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