The Insatiable Palate Review #15: Turntable Mad For Chicken (Midtown West, New York)

This Plate of Rice Cakes is Gonna Teach You How to Throw a Spicy Party

The best part of my week is looking at how happy my friends are after the first bite of their meal. They pay up and let me handle the menu. I concoct my version of an Insatiable Palate Omakase. It’s just that I don’t do any of the cooking, any of the serving, or any of the cleaning. I just get credit for doing absolutely nothing. Fucking Scumbag.

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I’ve uncovered this treasure that will finally replace Kyochon & Bon Chon in Koreatown. Although the abandoned building looks like a dilapidated wreck, the 2nd Floor has a much better story to tell you.

This wing joint already has its fair share of popular visitors. If you’ve ever read the Eleven Madison Park Cookbook, the entire EMP management team goes to Turntable every year for Korean fried chicken goodness. David Chang also visits on his episode of Munchies. He’s boisterously drunk by the end of the night.

Fried Calamari, Parmesan Cheese, Chef’s Seasonings

The space is practically empty before 6:30PM on Friday nights. What people call “a lack of ambience” is what I call “faster service.” The sooner I can have tteokbokki golden-showered with cheese, fried calamari and crispy, spicy Korean fried Chicken in my belly, the better.

 Hot & Spicy Sauce Wings

 These are the stars of the night. Although Korean wings are usually drenched in sweet sauce (which I have no problem with whatsoever) TMFC’s wings and drums are fairly dry. Although I personally would have preferred just a little more sauce, I’ll make the exception because the crispy coating on these babies is exceptional.

During the first few bites, the spiciness is virtually nonexistent. Couple seconds later, the wings begin to linger around your tongue. My throat is crying for beer milk. However, I continue to eat these spicy wings to erase the painful memories about the spiciness of the previous wings.

Soy Garlic Sauce Drums

The soy garlic drumsticks are a nice touch if you’re done messing with the hot & spicy wings. It’s subtly sweet and has the same crispy texture as the wings. After you take the first bite of the lower joint, the steam from the chicken drums begins to cloud your ojos. If you’ve ever worn glasses, it’s the same sensation when you start eating your perfectly-cooked Korean instant ramen. The steam, it’s so worth it.

It was my friend’s birthday. The ladies mysteriously went out because one of the girls was having a massively bloody period. It was a trick of course. They went out to the bakery to bring back surprise cake. It was clever, but ugh, I would never use my body to play such a trick. I’m too classy for such nonsense. It was fucking delicious cake though.

Although diners were piling in after work, the staff was gracious enough to accommodate the birthday cake without any service fees. They even brought back new plates. It was a birthday dinner success.


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